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aromanature savonnerie à froid depuis 2001 vous souhaite...une bonne année

Pioneer of cold process soapmaking in France, the family business aromaNature makes an exclusive line of natural handmade soaps that many loyal and enthusiastic customers have enjoyed for more than 15 years.
Founded by Leanne & Sylvain Chevallier in the year 2000, aromaNature was also the very first to offer soapmaking courses in France. Since then, soapcourses went to Switzerland, Canada, and Belgium.

aromaNature: french handcraft organic soaps
Thank to all our friendly customers for being so faithfull to our soaps, for their compliments and sweet comments received on the mail or when we meet. You are the precious fuel to our passion, our enthousiasm to teach soapmaking and for helping us to build better life.
Best wishes to you for "well-living, together, in peace"!
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64390 - Burgaronne FRANCE
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100% saponification à froid

Available here
The first soapmaking book in French issued in Oct. 2010